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Ep67: Mommy’s Night Out

If you are a parent, time spent with your kids is the most precious gift of all time. But, everyone needs a break including, and especially, moms! This episode, we interview Mo, the mother of an awesome little dude, to learn how her life changed once she became a mother – a topic we think many can relate to. We delve into the stress of being a parent, how to prevent “mommy burnout” and tips to keep your self-identity outside of mom or dad. We’re sipping “Mommy’s Time Out” which was the perfect escape. So grab your own glass, take a break from the kids, and listen!

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Ep59: Celebrating the Art of the Blend

In this special episode, we interview Grant, Tasting Gallery Lead at family-owned Jessup Cellars in Napa Valley. Grant walks us through the philosophy of their winemaking practices, their belief in hospitality, and what makes their wine special. He also takes us on a journey through his own path from growing up in Napa to where he is now. As we get a more intimate look into the friendly Jessup Cellars and the lengths they will go to please their customers (flying to your home for your own personal wine tasting!), we sip on Table for Four, one of Jessup’s flagship wines. So grab a glass and listen in for a treat. As Grant says, “Every glass is an adventure!” and we can guarantee this one is!

Find out more about Jessup Cellars here!

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Ep51: A Year of DBP: The 1st Anniversary

It’s time to get a bit nostalgic with your DBP hosts, as we reflect on some of our favorite wines and episodes of the past year. From new beginnings to epidemics, we’ve learned and covered a lot. We’ve had a blast this past year and want to relive some of the magic we’ve experienced. Interested in some wine tips we’ve learned along the way? Listen in! Can you guess some of our favorite topics? Find out if you’re right! For this special occasion, we’re popping the cork of a DBP favorite: Gamba Zinfandel. Thanks for a memorable first year, and cheers to a fruitful – get it? – future with the drunk bitches of DBP!

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Ep12: Oh The Places You’ll Go

Oh, the places DBP goes! Adventure awaits you in this episode as we recount some of our favorite trips, discuss the pros and cons of planning out every detail versus letting things just “happen,” and share our travel philosophies and tips. Whether we’re traveling within the US or abroad, there are many factors influencing our choices. Join in, and let this 2015 Compass Cabernet guide you as you plan YOUR next travels!

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