Ep56: The Experience of Life

Much like the wine we’re pairing this topic with, Experience can lead you to new, uncharted territories. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, more oftentimes scary. Maybe you had a falling out with a friend, maybe you had to move somewhere you’ve never been (ahem, “The Place That Shall Not Be Named”), maybe you live for the unfamiliar! Whichever bucket you find yourself, have you ever considered what you gained from these experiences? In this episode, we take a trip back to reflect more deeply on some of those pivotal moments in your DBP hosts’ lives: becoming less Type A, moving to Milwaukee, a trip to Napa that changed everything. So let the stars align for you, let fear carry you forward rather than hold you back, and tune in. And remember, wine is not just a beverage, it’s an experience! 

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Ep12: Oh The Places You’ll Go

Oh, the places DBP goes! Adventure awaits you in this episode as we recount some of our favorite trips, discuss the pros and cons of planning out every detail versus letting things just “happen,” and share our travel philosophies and tips. Whether we’re traveling within the US or abroad, there are many factors influencing our choices. Join in, and let this 2015 Compass Cabernet guide you as you plan YOUR next travels!

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Ep2: Here and There

“Here, there, and everywhere,” to quote a great song. Episode 2 explores each of our pasts, gathering what we’ve learned and experienced from “here and there,” the translation of our wine’s name, we keep the wine flowing, and our stories too! So pop open the 2015 Saldo Zinfandel from The Prisoner Wine Company, and pour along!