DBP is the pet project of Sarah and Jamie, two friends who met by chance, or perhaps fate, when they found themselves in central Illinois. Together, they continue to cultivate their love for wine – and drunken dialogue – as they migrated back up north to lovely Wisconsin. They spend a lot of time together – whether wine related or not, it’s always a memorable occasion!



Sarah is originally from the Detroit area of Michigan. She’s lived all around the Midwest, and landed in the great city of Milwaukee. She is a pharmacist by day, and into wine and fitness activities by night.  She grew up with wine- starting with her family’s favorite table wines to the cheap flavors of Boone’s Farm in college, and since then her tastes have matured as she’s drank her way through several wine destinations from the infamous Napa to the less popular, but delicious Portugal. All throughout sharing with her favorite people, and even meeting some along the way!



Jamie grew up in the Chicago suburbs in a house where wine was always present at the family functions. It wasn’t until she studied abroad in Australia and visited her first vineyard in the Yarra Valley that she got bit by the wine bug. Since then, she’s made it her mission to expand her palate and try as many different types of wine as possible, though she still favors Malbec.

She currently belongs to five wine clubs – no, there’s no problem with that! – and loves spending time reading up about and tasting new wines. When she’s not in the midst of something wine related, she spends her time getting in some physical activity, hitting up the concert scene in Milwaukee, hanging out with friends and family, and she’ll never turn down a game of bowling. Jamie recently passed her Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 Award in Wine & Spirits!

Jamie and Sarah put the pizzazz back into wine drinking, with their witty dialogue and no frills attitude! So if you love wine or maybe just dabble in it, but more importantly if you want to have an amazing time doing it, it’s time to pour a glass and DBP it up!