Ep69: The One Where They Drink Wine…The FRIENDS Phenomenon

Could we BE any happier to have an episode dedicated to our favorite show, FRIENDS?! Your DBP hosts don’t need convincing of the appeal of this show, that hit TVs nationwide in 1994 – that means it’s 25 years old!! Even today, so much of what was covered in episodes still applies today, and we continue to find various aspects of our daily lives relating to a scene. Whether you’re more like Joey or Rachel, it doesn’t matter, because we’re sure you’ll find a connection in this episode. Break out your best, “I’ll be there for youuuuu,” and listen.

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Ep18: Kith and Kin: Who’s In Your Tribe?

Your wealth should be measured by who’s in your community, not by what’s in your wallet. Learn about Dunbar’s number, join us for a mini-book club discussion of Sebastian Junger’s “Tribe: A Book on Homecoming and Belonging,” and hear how our society’s evolution has led us down a path of fewer interactions and meaningful relationships, creating more isolation. Quality over quantity, DBPeeps! As we pop open the 2015 Kith & Kin Cabernet Sauvignon, snuggle up with your favorite tribe member and listen in. #whatreallymatters

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