Ep32: SOMM: The Experience

Your DBP hosts had a memorable evening with the stars! Well, sort of! Last week we had the opportunity of a lifetime to attend the Chicago premiere of SOMM3, the third installment of the documentary series which has brought to light some unique aspects of the wine world. The film brings back some of our favorite folks from the earlier films – and allowed us to take a peek into some private tastings with some of the wine world’s most prestigious peeps: Fred Dame, Jancis Robinson, and Steven Spurrier. As we pop open a bottle from one of the vineyards which took down the French wines in 1976 and in honor of Dame’s “a-ha” wine, hear our thoughts on the film, our “a-ha” wines – including those of the movie’s director Jason, Dustin, and D’Lynn’s which we learned from the screening’s live Q&A session. So much fun and can’t wait to do our own blind tasting!

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Ep22: Secret Identities

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a top-secret agent? Well, the DBP girls definitely have! Listen in as we talk about different levels of covert operations, various espionage tactics, and speculate what life would be like as a NOC (aka “Non-official Cover” in the CIA world). We also tell the story behind a former NOC whose identity was leaked to the public (not so secret anymore!), its impact, and the most recent developments of the 15-year-old scandal. What better to drink with this topic than the refreshing Secret Identity Rosé! Crack one open and sip along!

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