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Ep87: Drink Pure Wine

Ever opted to drink something other than what you desire most, just to avoid the crushing headache, flushing or congestion that accompanies your favorite beverage? Whether you love bold red wines like Cabernet, heavier white wines like Chardonnay, or even beer, these symptoms can put a damper on your evening (and morning). This episode, we interview David Meadows, the founder of PureWIne, who created a filter to remove sulfites and histamines, the usual culprits for all types of wine intolerances. David fills us in on the science behind his products, the optimal way to use them, and ultimately how to make the wine you drink as pure as possible! If you are looking to make your wine experience the most enjoyable with all pleasure and no pain, we may have just found the answer to liberate you from all your wine woes!

Find out more about David and PureWine at:

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Ep58: A Diviner Among Us

A “vision of what’s to come,” a diviner has magical insight into the future. This episode, we have our own diviner among us, as we welcome our guest Christina who’s adept in numerology, the belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. Christina helps us delve into the mystical principles of numerology, as we find out our key life numbers and the meaning behind them! You’ll never believe which number your two DBP hosts have in common…it’s pretty remarkable! Listen in as we discover the truth behind the numbers!

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Ep52: DBP Travels: A Sonoma Success

Coming at you live from DBP’s motherland, California, this episode was recorded in our hotel after a long, delicious day of wine tasting through Sonoma County. After visiting four wineries – from small and rustic to a chateau with beautiful gardens – we share little tidbits from along the journey with history and fun facts, try to whittle down our list of favorites from the day, and recommend some stops for wine country travelers. Highlighted by meeting a couple of the winemakers themselves and capping off our day with chocolate and a little “S&M,” the Sonoma leg of our tour was a blast! According to the Californians, “You can drink whatever you want, as long as you drink wine.” Cheers!

Wineries visited:

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Ep30: The Hunter & The Stag

‘Tis the season for bolder red wines and deer hunting! In this episode we’re joined by avid huntsman, Adam, as we explore the ethos of the modern, ethical hunter. Delving into the drive behind the hunt, we discuss the hunter’s responsiblity to the environment, the animal, and the earth, and how the stigma associated with the sport is not reflective of a true huntsman. This isn’t some float off into the woods and have a bonfire type of deal; it requires skill and a specific mindset. Fittingly paired with St. Hubert’s “The Stag” Cabernet Sauvignon, this episode is one that’ll prove insightful for those unfamiliar with the hunting world.

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Ep14: Slovenian Wines

Did you know Slovenia is the 4th largest consumer of wine per capita?! Such a small country, so much wine consumption! This week we’re taking a little detour from our typical “programming” to focus on wines from an indiviudal region, and we’re recapping a special wine tasting we had with two Slovenian wine importers in Wisconsin. New to Slovenian wine? Us, too! So listen into this episode to learn what you’ve been missing out on!

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Ep9: Stringer Cellars: A Local Wine Story

We could never have expected to have found a California wine producer right here in Wisconsin. In this episode, we travel to West Bend, WI to visit with Casey Stringer, founder of Stringer Cellars, and chat with him about how he got into the business and the details about his high quality winemaking that just blew us away. Join us as we geek out with Casey, and try his entire line of wines!

Want to know more about Stringer Cellars, or buy wine? Visit

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Ep7: Reckless Love with Chip Forsythe

Drop what you’re doing, because you’re in for a treat. Yours truly just got a little reckless and interviewed Chip Forsythe, winemaker and founder of Rebel Coast Winery. In this episode, we pop open a bottle – and even get a phone number off the cork – of the 2014 Reckless Love red blend, and spend our hilarious episode chatting up Chip. Join us for a little storytelling from this winemaker about how he got into this business, what’s inspiring his work, and hear about some amazing things coming out of Rebel Coast Winery! Also this wine bottle glows in the dark, so who doesn’t want to check it out?! This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Check out more about Rebel Coast Winery here: