Ep100: DBP’s Centennial

Wow! It’s our Centennial! The 100th DBP episode!! We are celebrating this most momentous occasion with a memorable wine from our DBP trip to Napa Valley, while reflecting on our growth since our beginnings. How have our wine tastes evolved, and what have been our most favorite episodes, and most surprising wines we’ve tasted? We reflect on all of this and more as we journey back 100 episodes and more than 100 wines!! Pop open something yummy and celebrate along with us!

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Ep9: Stringer Cellars: A Local Wine Story

We could never have expected to have found a California wine producer right here in Wisconsin. In this episode, we travel to West Bend, WI to visit with Casey Stringer, founder of Stringer Cellars, and chat with him about how he got into the business and the details about his high quality winemaking that just blew us away. Join us as we geek out with Casey, and try his entire line of wines!

Want to know more about Stringer Cellars, or buy wine? Visit https://www.stringercellars.com