Ep133: Blind Tasting No. 1

We finally did it!! We are so excited to bring you the first of what we hope to be a series of blind tastings. We both chose a wine for the other to blind taste, and were having a total blast not only guessing what each other chose, but putting our palates to the test. Listen in as we guess our way through wine – of course in our own DBP way!

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Ep9: Stringer Cellars: A Local Wine Story

We could never have expected to have found a California wine producer right here in Wisconsin. In this episode, we travel to West Bend, WI to visit with Casey Stringer, founder of Stringer Cellars, and chat with him about how he got into the business and the details about his high quality winemaking that just blew us away. Join us as we geek out with Casey, and try his entire line of wines!

Want to know more about Stringer Cellars, or buy wine? Visit https://www.stringercellars.com