Ep53: Charity Gone South

In the spirit of giving and helping the needy, donating old or “out of style” clothing always makes us feel charitable. But where do your clothes really go? What if we told you as far away as to Africa?! And that they were actually being sold, not given away! Wake up and smell the cash! We did, and decided to share with you all we’ve learned about our nation’s approach to clothing donation in this episode – everything from “fast fashion” to what you should absolutely never do with your old clothes! We paired this topic with Purple Heart Red Wine, a charitable wine to discuss a charitable (or maybe not, we will let you decide!) topic!

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Ep44: Canada, Climates, and Cru

When you start messing with the fate of wine, your DBP hosts’ most-beloved beverage, you’ve caught our attention. Climate change is no joke and it’s definitely causing a stir for wine-growing regions, especially those niche regions. Will Canada be able to continue making their signature icewine? Will we have to say goodbye to our favorite familiar varietals and welcome lesser-known ones? Will new wine regions pop up that we could have never imagined (Russian wine, anyone)? We don’t know for sure, but we had fun hypothesizing what opportunities and potential changes may be in store. We are definitely not scientists, but we can for damn sure speculate on wine. And we got our hands on a rare treat – a red wine from the only desert in the middle of a country that is 50% frozen: Canada!

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Ep24: What’s Your Handprint?

The world could use some more positivity, and we know just the thing! In this episode, we’re joined by a special DBP guest and wine popper, Ellen, to talk about how we can reduce our footprints, but most importantly, what we can do to increase our handprint (and explain what that really is). Fittingly paired with the Winemaker’s Handprint Merlot from Meeker Vineyards, join us to learn some fun facts about wine tannins, what it means to be part of the Meeker Tribe, and how you can lend a helping hand to create a positive impact on the environment and world around you!

For more ways that to strengthen your handprint (and reduce your footprint) check out the North American Association for Environmental Education’s website at http://www.naaee.org.

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Ep10: A Thorn in Merlot’s Side

Hollywood has a huge influence on the American public, and the 2004 movie, Sideways, has been widely attributed to Merlot’s drop in popularity. This episode we discuss how the nation’s “Merlot mania” quickly turned into “Merlot malaise.” Sideways may have been the thorn in Merlot’s side, however other lesser known factors in the wine world played into Merlot’s downfall. Join us as we discuss the movie, the ironic twist at the end, and the mystery of Merlot as it makes a comeback. Should you drink it or listen to Miles and not drink any “f***ing Merlot!”? Not sure? Grab a bottle of Thorn Merlot by The Prisoner Wine Company and try some with us! #MerlotMe

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