Ep112: Mad Hatter

Oh, the many hats we wear! Have you taken a moment lately to count all the hats you wear in a given day? From spouse to parent to professional/employee, it can be overwhelming to think of the various roles we play in our daily lives. Most people actually never “check out” for the day, but simply change hats. This episode we talk about the balancing act we play with the several hats we wear and how to avoid truly becoming the “Mad Hatter.” So take a break and put on your wine-drinking hat!

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Ep13: The Fanny Pack is Back!

The fanny pack is back! How have these hot fashion trends from our youth creeped into our adult years?! From the most cringeworthy fashion faux-pas to our favorite looks, we take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the most iconic fashion trends from then and now. DBP tackles everything from the scrunchie to baggy pants to clogs and more! Relive the chicness of the past, today! Pouring the 2017 Tendance Caladoc rosé from France, it’s the perfect way to keep us “on trend.”

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