Ep65: This Wine is Uncanny

Wine in a can?! While it may sound outrageous, the new trend is to can our favorite beverage for convenience, portability, and because it’s the hip new thing. As more and more producers jump on the canned wine train, we have been asking ourselves if we should join this modern movement. So to get to the bottom of the can, so to speak, we decided to compare every aspect of canned vs bottled wine, from taste to cost. We grabbed a bottle and a can of pinot noir from one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the canned wine industry – Union Wine Company – for our taste test challenge. Is the can too good to be true? Or is it the perfect way for wine to be a part of all our adventures? Grab a bottle or can (or both!) and listen in to find out! #pinkiesdown

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Ep13: The Fanny Pack is Back!

The fanny pack is back! How have these hot fashion trends from our youth creeped into our adult years?! From the most cringeworthy fashion faux-pas to our favorite looks, we take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the most iconic fashion trends from then and now. DBP tackles everything from the scrunchie to baggy pants to clogs and more! Relive the chicness of the past, today! Pouring the 2017 Tendance Caladoc rosé from France, it’s the perfect way to keep us “on trend.”

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