Ep47: Under the Knife

“I’m a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world!” Wait, hold up, we didn’t just travel back to 1997, but we ARE talking about the craze for people going plastic, or rather, under the knife! Of course, plastic surgery has its place, but is society that uncomfortable in their own skin to need to nip and tuck everywhere? And at what point does it become an addiction? From brows to boobs to butts, cosmetic surgery can do just about anything. Are you into the idea of continually striving for perfection, or do you prefer Zero Manipulation, like the name of our wine? Listen in as we discuss the rise of the implant, all while drinking this unfined and unfiltered California blend!

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Ep8: Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Time to toughen up! Crack open a bottle of 2016 Kung Fu Girl Riesling and listen in while we discuss the importance of self-defense and share valuable tips we picked up taking a women’s self-defense class. From the simple act of putting away your phone to actually gouging an attacker’s eyes out, we discuss many aspects of self-defense including becoming more self-aware and techniques to protect yourself. Also, find out how the winemaker, Charles Smith came up with the Kung Fu Girl name! It’s interesting, trust us. Oh and of course, girls kick ass!