Ep108: I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Finally! An episode dedicated to our absolute favorite – the legend, the Princess of Pop, the one and only: Whitney Houston. From the very beginning, Whitney possessed a certain magic that would come through in every one of her performances. This episode we discuss her life, our dearest memories with her songs, and why she truly is the ‘greatest love of all’ in the music world. Grab a glass of something bold and listen in as we reflect on the powerful icon that is Whitney.

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Ep99: Musical Musings

Music is a constant companion. It’s a social and emotional link to our memories and experiences. This episode, a special guest joins us for a walk down musical memory lane to chat about the role music has played in our lives. From musical influences to our first concerts, favorite artists and memorable concerts. We also speculate on the future of the industry and the way we will interact with musical artists. Will we ever be able to jam on with one another live in concert? Grab a glass of something harmonious and catch some musical musings with your DBP hosts and Sean!

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Ep33: Popping the Bubbly for Royalty

It’s that time of year! Time to celebrate and be merry! And we think that bubbly is a perfect pairing for your holiday and new year’s festivities! And you know who else does? The Queen, of course! This episode we pop open a bottle of Bollinger Champagne (the Queen’s fave!) and discuss the significance of this bubbly beverage with the British Royal family, the difference between sparkling wine and champagne, and what makes them all fun and fizzy! We also get into why we, and the rest of the world, are fascinated with the British Royal Family – and top it all off with what some of their Royal Christmas traditions are. Because, hey – it’s that time of year! Trust us – some will definitely surprise you! So grab a bottle of some Champs (or other sparkling wine of choice), pop that baby open, and get fancy with us!

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Ep7: Reckless Love with Chip Forsythe

Drop what you’re doing, because you’re in for a treat. Yours truly just got a little reckless and interviewed Chip Forsythe, winemaker and founder of Rebel Coast Winery. In this episode, we pop open a bottle – and even get a phone number off the cork – of the 2014 Reckless Love red blend, and spend our hilarious episode chatting up Chip. Join us for a little storytelling from this winemaker about how he got into this business, what’s inspiring his work, and hear about some amazing things coming out of Rebel Coast Winery! Also this wine bottle glows in the dark, so who doesn’t want to check it out?! This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Check out more about Rebel Coast Winery here: https://www.rebelcoast.com