Ep78: Turkey Day Vino

It’s almost turkey time!!! With the smorgasbord of deliciousness that comes with a Thanksgiving meal, one may ponder what wine works best with such a wide variety of flavors. Well, we’ve done the homework for you and have tons of suggestions for you to choose from for a perfect holiday pairing. From the apertif to the pumpkin pie, we’ve got you covered! And, we know most of you are forking it out for that turkey, so we made sure to pick some affordable options. Dive into our episode and don’t be afraid to test taste some wine options before the main event, you know, just to be sure!

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Ep54: Napa Know How!

Now it’s time for a recap of our time in Napa Valley. From tasting rooms to vineyards, we had a variety of experiences through a range of widely accessible wines to limited productions! As we recount the rest of our first DBP trip to the motherland, we share everything from the Summer Release Event at Round Pond to a one-on-one tasting at the world-class Joseph Phelps with a spectacular view of their vineyards. Do as the “napkins” (aka, people from Napa) do, pour a glass and get transported to the DBP motherland!

Wineries visited:

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Ep50: Evolution of an Epidemic

Nobody likes to fail, but the US may be dubbed as a failure of one of the biggest public health achievements in our history. How, you ask? Not even halfway through the year, this country is already seeing the greatest number of measles cases in over 25 years – with more than 700 confirmed cases across 22 states as of the date of recording! As anti-vaxxers become more prevalent, with pockets of non-immunized communities popping up around the country, our most vulnerable are at risk. Even a small dip in immunity of the nation’s population can make this very contagious disease a threat. A topic that demands attention, yours truly delve into the details behind the spread of this potentially fatal virus and talk about the propaganda put out there…it’s absolutely terrifying!! As we discuss the evolution of this potential epidemic, we thought what better to sip on than Evolution White Wine from Oregon…grab a glass and listen in!

Want to see updates on the spread of the measles? Check out the CDC’s website!

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Ep48: Celebrity Wines: Yay or Nay?

What do you do when you are famous and have more money than God? Buy a winery, of course! More and more, we have been seeing wine with a celebrity behind the label. Some make it pretty obvious that they are the proprietor of the winery (i.e., ACDC’s Highway to Hell Cabernet Sauvignon), while others we would have no idea! With a bottle of 2016 Uncaged Chardonnay by Z. Alexander Brown (or Zac Brown – who knew?!), we get into whether or not celebrities should be taken seriously as winemakers, and who of the ‘who’s who’ is making wine. Is it a Yay or Nay? You might have to try yourself to find out, so grab a bottle of your fave celeb’s wine and listen in!

If you’re looking for an entertaining review of famous people wine check out this link.

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Ep33: Popping the Bubbly for Royalty

It’s that time of year! Time to celebrate and be merry! And we think that bubbly is a perfect pairing for your holiday and new year’s festivities! And you know who else does? The Queen, of course! This episode we pop open a bottle of Bollinger Champagne (the Queen’s fave!) and discuss the significance of this bubbly beverage with the British Royal family, the difference between sparkling wine and champagne, and what makes them all fun and fizzy! We also get into why we, and the rest of the world, are fascinated with the British Royal Family – and top it all off with what some of their Royal Christmas traditions are. Because, hey – it’s that time of year! Trust us – some will definitely surprise you! So grab a bottle of some Champs (or other sparkling wine of choice), pop that baby open, and get fancy with us!

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Ep26: California Dreamin’

It all started as a dream out west, where “hicks from the sticks” had a passion for wine but without a platform to stand on. What better way to celebrate our podcast’s 6-month-versary than with an iconic wine and topic that literally brought the great USA into the international wine game?! Popping a bottle of Château Montelena’s Chardonnay, we talk about the 1976 Paris Wine Tasting (aka, the Judgment of Paris) where Californian and French wines went head to head in a blind tasting with a shocking outcome. For an entertaining spin on it, check out the movie Bottle Shock and then listen in as we discuss fact versus fiction about the movie and this historic wine moment! Cheers to Napa’s magnificent triumph!

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Ep16: The Man

In this episode, Orin Swift’s ‘Mannequin’ flows into our glasses and our discussion about a University of Texas program designed to change the definition of ‘masculinity.’ But how – and who! – exactly defines what masculinity is or isn’t? As you join us for this slightly controversial chat, fill up your glass and sip along!

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Ep9: Stringer Cellars: A Local Wine Story

We could never have expected to have found a California wine producer right here in Wisconsin. In this episode, we travel to West Bend, WI to visit with Casey Stringer, founder of Stringer Cellars, and chat with him about how he got into the business and the details about his high quality winemaking that just blew us away. Join us as we geek out with Casey, and try his entire line of wines!

Want to know more about Stringer Cellars, or buy wine? Visit https://www.stringercellars.com


Ep6: Who’s A Sassy Lady?

Sassy is defined as lively, bold and full of spirit. How sassy are you? Find out which one of us is “Sergeant Sass” and which one is “More cheek, less meek”! In this episode, we delve into the topic of sassiness and what personality traits account for how sassy or even bitchy a woman may be considered. Fittingly paired with the topic is the 2014 Sassy Lady Chardonnay by Block Winery in California.

Want to see what your level of sass is? Take the sass quiz along with us: http://brainfall.com/quizzes/how-sassy-are-you/

Or try your hand at another one: https://www.buzzfeed.com/javiermoreno/how-sassy-are-you?