Ep127: Does It Matter What They Wear?

The Olympics were definitely different than usual this year with empty stadiums and athletes taking wellness days…. but, one thing that hasn’t changed is the stark contrast in uniform between the men and women’s teams in certain sports. What IS that about?! And is anyone doing anything about it? We speculate on the topic while sipping on a self-proclaimed SILVER chardonnay!

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Ep22: Secret Identities

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a top-secret agent? Well, the DBP girls definitely have! Listen in as we talk about different levels of covert operations, various espionage tactics, and speculate what life would be like as a NOC (aka “Non-official Cover” in the CIA world). We also tell the story behind a former NOC whose identity was leaked to the public (not so secret anymore!), its impact, and the most recent developments of the 15-year-old scandal. What better to drink with this topic than the refreshing Secret Identity Rosé! Crack one open and sip along!

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