Ep75: Every Hero Needs a Sidekick

Batman & Robin, Peter Pan & Tinkerbell…one doesn’t sound complete without the other. This episode we pay homage to the supporting characters that make our treasured heroes great – the sidekicks, of course! There is more to a sidekick than just being a tag along – they are all kinds of important – and we decided to hone in on exactly why and talk about our all-time favorite sidekicks from books, movies, and real life. Grab a friend or your own personal sidekick, a glass of something spectacular, and listen in!

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Ep22: Secret Identities

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a top-secret agent? Well, the DBP girls definitely have! Listen in as we talk about different levels of covert operations, various espionage tactics, and speculate what life would be like as a NOC (aka “Non-official Cover” in the CIA world). We also tell the story behind a former NOC whose identity was leaked to the public (not so secret anymore!), its impact, and the most recent developments of the 15-year-old scandal. What better to drink with this topic than the refreshing Secret Identity Rosé! Crack one open and sip along!

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