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Ep87: Drink Pure Wine

Ever opted to drink something other than what you desire most, just to avoid the crushing headache, flushing or congestion that accompanies your favorite beverage? Whether you love bold red wines like Cabernet, heavier white wines like Chardonnay, or even beer, these symptoms can put a damper on your evening (and morning). This episode, we interview David Meadows, the founder of PureWIne, who created a filter to remove sulfites and histamines, the usual culprits for all types of wine intolerances. David fills us in on the science behind his products, the optimal way to use them, and ultimately how to make the wine you drink as pure as possible! If you are looking to make your wine experience the most enjoyable with all pleasure and no pain, we may have just found the answer to liberate you from all your wine woes!

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Ep50: Evolution of an Epidemic

Nobody likes to fail, but the US may be dubbed as a failure of one of the biggest public health achievements in our history. How, you ask? Not even halfway through the year, this country is already seeing the greatest number of measles cases in over 25 years – with more than 700 confirmed cases across 22 states as of the date of recording! As anti-vaxxers become more prevalent, with pockets of non-immunized communities popping up around the country, our most vulnerable are at risk. Even a small dip in immunity of the nation’s population can make this very contagious disease a threat. A topic that demands attention, yours truly delve into the details behind the spread of this potentially fatal virus and talk about the propaganda put out there…it’s absolutely terrifying!! As we discuss the evolution of this potential epidemic, we thought what better to sip on than Evolution White Wine from Oregon…grab a glass and listen in!

Want to see updates on the spread of the measles? Check out the CDC’s website!

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Ep49: Kaleidoscope of Ethics

Nature versus Nurture? This age-old question takes us to our interesting topic on the ethics behind scientific research, specifically involving twins. Identical twins share the same genes, making them the perfect study subjects for testing the impact of environment and genetic makeup on anything from the aging process to vocal or facial recognition to mental health. But how far can/should you take it? According to the book Identical Strangers, apparently as far as separating multiple births intentionally in the name of research! Listen in as we get deep into the weeds on this one – it’s a doozy! Get ready for some heavy sighs as we pair our episode with Prisma Pinot Noir from Chile, as there are several facets to this topic…a kaleidoscope if you will!

Looking for the book we mentioned? Check it out here.

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