Ep90: Leap Frog

It only happens once every four years – or so we thought! 2020 is most definitely a leap year, and we thought we’d celebrate by drinking the infamous Frog’s Leap Merlot while chatting about the goings ons that occur on leap day. Is it lucky or unlucky? What if you are born on leap day? Why does it happen anyway?! We leap into this year and into our glasses, celebrating one more day this year!

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Ep15: Heal The World

“Make it a better place!” Organic. Natural. Sustainable. What does it all mean? Inspired by the 2016 Art of Earth Pinot Grigio, made with Italian organic grapes, we tackle the topic on what these “earthy” terms mean in the winemaking process and what we as buyers of wine should be aware of as wine becomes a global commodity. We also dive into the topic of organic food and day-to-day practices that can “make the world a better place” (to quote the infamous MJ). Be good to the environment, be good to your body, and drink good wine. Cheers from your DBP Grigio Girls!

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