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Ep67: Mommy’s Night Out

If you are a parent, time spent with your kids is the most precious gift of all time. But, everyone needs a break including, and especially, moms! This episode, we interview Mo, the mother of an awesome little dude, to learn how her life changed once she became a mother – a topic we think many can relate to. We delve into the stress of being a parent, how to prevent “mommy burnout” and tips to keep your self-identity outside of mom or dad. We’re sipping “Mommy’s Time Out” which was the perfect escape. So grab your own glass, take a break from the kids, and listen!

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Ep20: The Sibling Effect

Are you the leader of the pack? A peacekeeper? A risk taker? Maybe even a mischief maker like the wine we are drinking! Whoever you are or whatever you identify as, you know that having a sibling (or not!) has impacted who you are. In this episode, we sip on Middle Sister Mischief Maker Cabernet Sauvignon and discuss the family birth order structure and the unique personality traits of each child’s position. We analzye our own positions in our families and debate whether or not the “Sibling Effect” rings true for us. And you’re in luck if you’re wondering about twins – because one of us is! Listen in and find out whom!

Want to know how you size up to the stereotype of your birth order? Take this quiz:

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