Ep123: How Jamie Got Her Mojo Back

WE’RE BACK!!!! And we are SO ready to drink with you!! Today we chit chat about what we’ve been up to the past couple months, and Jamie gives us the low down on the BIG life events she has experienced! To celebrate Jamie getting her wine MOJO back and coming full circle to sharing a bottle together, we pop open a Sonoma special, and reminisce about our trip to wine country. Tune in and join us for a celebratory comeback episode! Don’t forget the wine!

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Ep11: Family Circus

Do you think you have a crazy family? Tune in as we share our own fun family anecdotes – such as (spoiler alert!) Jamie’s dad wanting to greet her date with a shotgun – all while discussing the challenges and opportunities of melding two different family dynamics together. Fittingly paired is the 2015 Petite Petit by Michael David Winery with its fantastic circus label. You’ll definitely need to sip on some as Sarah attempts to describe her version of family chaos theory. Step right up, it’s the Family Circus episode!

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