Ep53: Charity Gone South

In the spirit of giving and helping the needy, donating old or “out of style” clothing always makes us feel charitable. But where do your clothes really go? What if we told you as far away as to Africa?! And that they were actually being sold, not given away! Wake up and smell the cash! We did, and decided to share with you all we’ve learned about our nation’s approach to clothing donation in this episode – everything from “fast fashion” to what you should absolutely never do with your old clothes! We paired this topic with Purple Heart Red Wine, a charitable wine to discuss a charitable (or maybe not, we will let you decide!) topic!

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Ep52: DBP Travels: A Sonoma Success

Coming at you live from DBP’s motherland, California, this episode was recorded in our hotel after a long, delicious day of wine tasting through Sonoma County. After visiting four wineries – from small and rustic to a chateau with beautiful gardens – we share little tidbits from along the journey with history and fun facts, try to whittle down our list of favorites from the day, and recommend some stops for wine country travelers. Highlighted by meeting a couple of the winemakers themselves and capping off our day with chocolate and a little “S&M,” the Sonoma leg of our tour was a blast! According to the Californians, “You can drink whatever you want, as long as you drink wine.” Cheers!

Wineries visited:

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Ep17: DBP Utopia: Wine Country

What is DBP’s utopia? Wine Country! Though we love it, we know that planning a trip to wine country can seem overwhelming. In this episode, we recount stories and share recommendations from our trips to Willamette Valley, Oregon, and Napa Valley, California – like how to avoid getting too tipsy, how to select your wineries, and how to cut costs – so you can experience wine country like a DBPer, too.

Sarah’s Favorite Wineries:

Jamie’s Favorite Wineries:

Wine Tour Recommendations:

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