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Ep43: Picket Fences

Buying or selling a house can be so stressful AND confusing! It also really makes you feel like you’re #adulting hard. Our friend Ben joins us this episode to share his realtor-expertise about navigating the process, the do’s and don’ts (like making yourself “at home” while out on home visits!), and how to figure out what’s important to you. You may be looking for a Picket Fence, like the name of our wine, or maybe a big bathtub…no matter what it is, we’re positive this episode will get you laughing and more confident about how to find a perfect home.

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Ep35: Let’s Make a Deal: 2019 Resolutions!

Time to make a deal! With yourself, of course! It’s a New Year, which means new beginnings and resolutions. This episode we discuss the tradition of New Year’s resolutions, how to set meaningful goals for yourself, and tactics to making them stick! What better way to start a New Year than by drinking the California red, DealMaker, mostly composed of Old Vine Zinfandel, a DBP favorite! Even the winemaker, Jeff Cohn, has some words of wisdom for 2019…”Relax: It’s 2019!

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Ep17: DBP Utopia: Wine Country

What is DBP’s utopia? Wine Country! Though we love it, we know that planning a trip to wine country can seem overwhelming. In this episode, we recount stories and share recommendations from our trips to Willamette Valley, Oregon, and Napa Valley, California – like how to avoid getting too tipsy, how to select your wineries, and how to cut costs – so you can experience wine country like a DBPer, too.

Sarah’s Favorite Wineries:

Jamie’s Favorite Wineries:

Wine Tour Recommendations:

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