Ep80: Constant Construction

No doubt, we’ve all experienced this scenario: you’re happily driving down the highway, perhaps listening to your favorite podcast (DBP, of course!), and BAM! you come to a dead stop. Those dreaded all-mighty orange cones have worked their power to stop traffic for road work, and now you’re going to be late. The rage truly sets in when you notice there is only one guy working while a few stand around. We understand your frustration DBPeeps and are here to vent, discuss the purpose behind the constant construction, and even some futuristic road ideas that are being proposed (no, not hoverboards…yet!). This episode is the perfect pairing not only for our wine, Groundwork, but for your next car ride – who knows, it may be longer than you anticipate! *PSA: Stay safe and be smart, don’t drink and drive!*

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