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Ep67: Mommy’s Night Out

If you are a parent, time spent with your kids is the most precious gift of all time. But, everyone needs a break including, and especially, moms! This episode, we interview Mo, the mother of an awesome little dude, to learn how her life changed once she became a mother – a topic we think many can relate to. We delve into the stress of being a parent, how to prevent “mommy burnout” and tips to keep your self-identity outside of mom or dad. We’re sipping “Mommy’s Time Out” which was the perfect escape. So grab your own glass, take a break from the kids, and listen!

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Ep16: The Man

In this episode, Orin Swift’s ‘Mannequin’ flows into our glasses and our discussion about a University of Texas program designed to change the definition of ‘masculinity.’ But how – and who! – exactly defines what masculinity is or isn’t? As you join us for this slightly controversial chat, fill up your glass and sip along!

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