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Ep73: Lovin’ Lovino

We love Sangria. Wine combined with fruit…what’s not to love?! So we were tickled when we found out that an awesome Sangria was practically being made in our backyard! This episode we had the pleasure of sitting down with Jennifer Clearwater, owner and CEO of Lovino Sangria which is made right here in our own state of Wisconsin (from California grapes no less). Listen in and learn the background behind Jennifer’s passion project and how Lovino came to be! Trust us, this isn’t your typical bottled Sangria and it isn’t your typical story. Grab a glass with your favorite wine girls (or boys) and drink the Lovino way; that is, shared with friends and preferably around an open fire (listening to DBP of course)!

As Jennifer says, “Dream big and make the impossible happen!”

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Ep41: Chocolate Talk

It’s the month of love, and there’s no better pairing than wine and chocolate, right? In this episode, we share tips on how to enjoy our two favorite things in the most delicious way – together of course! We also delve into tales about the confection – including some details about two giant US-based chocolate companies – all while revisiting some pairing rules we learned at a local wine tasting where we had some unusual chocolate flavors. Should you pair dark wines with dark chocolate? Listen and find out! And if you need the perfect wine pairing, seek out The Chocolate Block blend and pop along with us!

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Ep9: Stringer Cellars: A Local Wine Story

We could never have expected to have found a California wine producer right here in Wisconsin. In this episode, we travel to West Bend, WI to visit with Casey Stringer, founder of Stringer Cellars, and chat with him about how he got into the business and the details about his high quality winemaking that just blew us away. Join us as we geek out with Casey, and try his entire line of wines!

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