Ep41: Chocolate Talk

It’s the month of love, and there’s no better pairing than wine and chocolate, right? In this episode, we share tips on how to enjoy our two favorite things in the most delicious way – together of course! We also delve into tales about the confection – including some details about two giant US-based chocolate companies – all while revisiting some pairing rules we learned at a local wine tasting where we had some unusual chocolate flavors. Should you pair dark wines with dark chocolate? Listen and find out! And if you need the perfect wine pairing, seek out The Chocolate Block blend and pop along with us!

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Ep19: All Hail The Almighty Serge Hochar: His Legendary Perseverance

The only way a great wine can get better is with an inspiring story to back it. With a philosophy of winemaking that transcends decades of war, a wine legend is born. In this episode, we explore the story of the Lebanese winery, Château Musar, and the man behind it all – Serge Hochar. Serge continued to pursue quality, organic winemaking throughout a 20 year civil war and only lost 2 vintages. With a delicious wine and a remarkable history – Serge and his legacy leave us awe-struck! Find a bottle of Musar Jeune (or, if you’re really ambitious, the elevated Château Musar) red blend and drink though this life-altering story with us! All Hail the Almighty Château Musar!

View the pictures Sarah raved about at their website: http://chateaumusar.com 

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