Ep113: In Sheep’s Clothing

As you scroll through your favorite social media platform, have you thought about the truth behind the posts? Or how minute details are specially designed for your psyche? Social media may have started as a fun pastime, but has truly evolved into a significant player in American’s lives – and there is much more to it than meets the eye. This episode we try and pull the wool from our eyes, and discuss the reality behind the screen. Do people portray the truth or is social media just one big manipulation put out by tech nerds? Slow your scroll, grab a glass, and listen in to this important episode!

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Ep18: Kith and Kin: Who’s In Your Tribe?

Your wealth should be measured by who’s in your community, not by what’s in your wallet. Learn about Dunbar’s number, join us for a mini-book club discussion of Sebastian Junger’s “Tribe: A Book on Homecoming and Belonging,” and hear how our society’s evolution has led us down a path of fewer interactions and meaningful relationships, creating more isolation. Quality over quantity, DBPeeps! As we pop open the 2015 Kith & Kin Cabernet Sauvignon, snuggle up with your favorite tribe member and listen in. #whatreallymatters

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