Ep111: Generous Offerings

Better to give than to receive goes the saying, and we couldn’t agree more! This episode, we delve into the art of gift giving. What truly makes the perfect gift, and how have our outlooks on “presents!!” changed throughout the years? We share our favorites, and what we’ve tried in the past. Who knows, you might get some ideas for your next gift purchase! Treat yourself to a glass of wine and sit back and listen in!

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Ep21: A Tribute to Grace & Grenache

In this episode, we pay tribute to some lovely ladies who’ve been inspirational not only to us, but also the world. There’s no better wine we could’ve selected than A Tribute to Grace, a grenache dedicated to the honor of this winemaker’s grandmother, and also the attribute she holds dear to her heart. From Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, to Princess Diana and Queen Rania of Jordan, we toast the honorable actions of these graceful women. So grab your bottle, pour yourself a glass, and practice your royal wave as you listen in!

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