Ep34: WTF 2018!

Time to wrap up 2018!! As we come to the end of this most amazing year – the inaugural DBP year – we take a pause to appreciate and reflect on the last 365 days. But also to say, “WTF 2018?!” From fake emergency missile threats to famous rappers in the White House, we recall the events of this year that literally made us stop in our tracks, with nothing but a blank stare, thinking WTF! And we close out the year with a wine from one of our favorite winemakers, with a label that accurately reflects how we feel in this episode: Orin Swift’s Blank Stare Sauvignon Blanc. You won’t want to miss this!

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Ep12: Oh The Places You’ll Go

Oh, the places DBP goes! Adventure awaits you in this episode as we recount some of our favorite trips, discuss the pros and cons of planning out every detail versus letting things just “happen,” and share our travel philosophies and tips. Whether we’re traveling within the US or abroad, there are many factors influencing our choices. Join in, and let this 2015 Compass Cabernet guide you as you plan YOUR next travels!

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