Ep125: Drinking Like a Michigander

As it turns out, the Mitten State has more to offer than lakes, apples, and college football – Michigan is also home to several gorgeous wineries!! This episode we recount Sarah’s recent trip to Michigan Wine Country, which was a surprising first for this Michigander. Listen in to learn about the abundance of fruit – for vino and otherwise – that make up Michigan’s coastline, and even more importantly, how does the wine taste??!! Find out with us as we sip on a Gewurztraminer from Old Mission Peninsula, MI (who knew?!)

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Ep12: Oh The Places You’ll Go

Oh, the places DBP goes! Adventure awaits you in this episode as we recount some of our favorite trips, discuss the pros and cons of planning out every detail versus letting things just “happen,” and share our travel philosophies and tips. Whether we’re traveling within the US or abroad, there are many factors influencing our choices. Join in, and let this 2015 Compass Cabernet guide you as you plan YOUR next travels!

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