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Ep106: Sounds of Silence

In a world of noise and chaos, most of us are constantly searching for just a few moments of peace and quiet, and as the pandemonium around us gets louder, it becomes harder and harder to find that inner silence. Well, we may have found the perfect solution to get away from it all – float therapy! And we aren’t talking the root beer kind! This episode we interview Andy, the owner and founder of Float Milwaukee, a local float spa. Floating is a relaxation therapy in which one floats in a pod full of salt water, eliminating external stimuli and giving the body a reset. And there are several health benefits far more than just noise relief! Listen in and find out from Andy how floating may just be your newest way to unwind, rest, and rejuvenate! A glass of relaxing red pairs excellently with this episode!

To learn more about Float Milwaukee, visit their website here:

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Ep56: The Experience of Life

Much like the wine we’re pairing this topic with, Experience can lead you to new, uncharted territories. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, more oftentimes scary. Maybe you had a falling out with a friend, maybe you had to move somewhere you’ve never been (ahem, “The Place That Shall Not Be Named”), maybe you live for the unfamiliar! Whichever bucket you find yourself, have you ever considered what you gained from these experiences? In this episode, we take a trip back to reflect more deeply on some of those pivotal moments in your DBP hosts’ lives: becoming less Type A, moving to Milwaukee, a trip to Napa that changed everything. So let the stars align for you, let fear carry you forward rather than hold you back, and tune in. And remember, wine is not just a beverage, it’s an experience! 

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