Ep60: Wine & War

From false walls and fake cobwebs to buried bottles, the vignerons of France came up with some pretty inventive ways to keep the Germans’ hands off their precious treasure: wine! Throughout World War II, the Germans invaded and pillaged the vineyards of their neighboring country, taking any and all wine they could get their hands on, especially the good shit! All of this has been captured in a fantasic book, called Wine & War, which Sarah read to bring us the deets. Whether you’re a history buff, a wine nerd, or just like to read, Wine & War is a fascinating story to immerse yourself!

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Ep10: A Thorn in Merlot’s Side

Hollywood has a huge influence on the American public, and the 2004 movie, Sideways, has been widely attributed to Merlot’s drop in popularity. This episode we discuss how the nation’s “Merlot mania” quickly turned into “Merlot malaise.” Sideways may have been the thorn in Merlot’s side, however other lesser known factors in the wine world played into Merlot’s downfall. Join us as we discuss the movie, the ironic twist at the end, and the mystery of Merlot as it makes a comeback. Should you drink it or listen to Miles and not drink any “f***ing Merlot!”? Not sure? Grab a bottle of Thorn Merlot by The Prisoner Wine Company and try some with us! #MerlotMe

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