Ep29: Bone Jolly for Beaujolais

Happy Beaujolais Nouveau Day DBPeeps!! In honor of the official release day for Beaujolais Nouveau, we wanted to revisit this holiday and what it’s all about. What is this Beaujolais we speak of and why is it so special that this youngin’ of a wine deserves its own festival? Could be because it’s a great transition to red for our white wine drinking friends! Listen in to learn how it came to be that the first harvest of the Beaujolais crop across France gained its own holiday. We couldn’t get our hands on Beaujolais Nouveau before its release, so you’ll just have to “suffer” through our TWO Beaujolais/gamay noir wines we’re drinking this episode. It’s go time….it’s Beaujolais Nouveau time! This could be the perfect wine for Thanksgiving. Now pass the wine, bitches!

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Ep3: Millennial Gap

Wanting to delve into the topic of the millennial generation, we couldn’t have asked for a better wine match for Episode 3’s topic! Beaujolais is a French grape that has a unique production called Beaujolais Nouveau – the first harvest. In this episode, we compare millennials to the young, Beaujolais Nouveau and the sub-group “xennials” to the longer-aged, more mature version of the varietal. Popping open the 2015 Beaujolais-Village from Georges DuBoeuf, we find a wine-themed amusement park (yes, it exists!), find out if we are true “xennials,” and dispute the pros and cons of the millenial generation.