Ep44: Canada, Climates, and Cru

When you start messing with the fate of wine, your DBP hosts’ most-beloved beverage, you’ve caught our attention. Climate change is no joke and it’s definitely causing a stir for wine-growing regions, especially those niche regions. Will Canada be able to continue making their signature icewine? Will we have to say goodbye to our favorite familiar varietals and welcome lesser-known ones? Will new wine regions pop up that we could have never imagined (Russian wine, anyone)? We don’t know for sure, but we had fun hypothesizing what opportunities and potential changes may be in store. We are definitely not scientists, but we can for damn sure speculate on wine. And we got our hands on a rare treat – a red wine from the only desert in the middle of a country that is 50% frozen: Canada!

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2 thoughts on “Ep44: Canada, Climates, and Cru”

  1. Hey DB’s! I’m new to your podcast (and a Canadian) and it sounds like you are missing out on the amazing wines of Ontario. I didn’t realize we exported so little. The Niagara region is amazing for much more than ice wine. Niagara on the Lake is also a gorgeous place to visit.

    Come, enjoy some amazing spas and restaurants, and tour some amazing vineyards. Come in the summer because, you know, snow.



    P.s. my fav ice wine bev is the ice wine martini (ice wine, vodka, couple frozen grapes)

    1. Kate, thanks for your note and welcome to DBP! We have SO MANY places we hope to go and Niagara on the Lake is definitely on the list. Everything you describe sounds AH-mazing, and perfect for drunk bitches like ourselves. 🙂 You’ve caught our attention with the ice wine martini….we may need to mix this up ourselves!! Cheers!

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