Ep31: The Great Holiday Escape

The holiday season is upon us!! And with all the joy this time of year brings, sometimes comes unwanted guests…and we are not referring to your Great Aunt Kathy who shows up unannounced with a suitcase and some fruitcake…we are talking about STRESS! This episode, we chat holiday stressors and tactics to make the best of this festive time. How can we escape the holiday blues and focus on the “reason for the season,” appreciating all the pleasures that comes with spending time with loved ones and the spirit of giving. We have lots of helpful tips to keep you merry and bright all season long! Of course, wine helps – so pour yourself a glass and drink along with us! Escape is the name of the game as we sip on PAXIS Red Blend, the winemaker’s expression of a way to escape from the stress of the world and appreciate the pleasure a great wine can give. Happy Holidays DBPeeps!

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Ep5: Keep It Confidential

In a social media, data-driven world, how do you keep anything confidential these days?! From smart devices to commercial DNA genetic testing, the DBP girls explore advantages and disadvantages of using these modern day conveniences, all while sipping on a fitting bottle of 2013 Confidencial Reserva, a Portuguese red blend. Join in to learn a few tidbits about Portuguese wine and as the wine flows, some of our own privacy conspiracy theories!