Ep57: No Curfew

Are you a curfew breaker? If you’re one of our listeners, we bet most of you probably have at some point! But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a purpose for the younger generations. This episode, we discuss the history behind curfews, if they are effective (do they actually prevent youth crime or protect the younger crowds?), and do they potentially violate juvenile civil liberties (wait, what??). While we ponder the concept of curfews, we sip on the No Curfew red blend.

As the winemakers say, “Work will be work and adulting is hard, but we’ll be there when you need that reprieve. So kick off your shoes, settle onto the sofa, and sip away. Now Swirl, Sip & Repeat!” Cheers!

Interested in the safety app we discussed in the episode? Check out Noonlight!

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